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Dear Customers! We ask you to carefully read the articles of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumers' Rights" concerning cases requiring return of the goods or their exchange, as well as with our recommendations.

Carefully study the information about the selected product, ask questions, for example, about the quality of the product, characteristics and parameters. Read beforehand the rights and duties of consumers.

In order to regulate the interaction of consumers of goods and services and producers and sellers of goods and services, Law No. 3161-IV "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" (hereinafter "the Law"), adopted on 01.12.2005, is in force in Ukraine. You can get acquainted with the following main provisions of the Law, which will help you defend your legitimate rights, guaranteed by the state.

In accordance with Article 4 of the Law, you, as a consumer of goods and services, are entitled to:

• protection of their rights by the state;

• due quality of products and services;

• safety of offered goods and services;

• accurate, genuine information not only about the product, its range and quality, but also data about the manufacturer and / or implementor (performer);

• appeal to the court and other authorized state bodies when it is necessary to protect the rights of the consumer provided for by the law, if they are violated.

In addition to rights, the article also provides for certain duties of the consumer.

Buying goods, you are obliged:

• Before using the product, carefully read the attached documentation with the operating instructions;

• contact the manufacturer of the goods (the seller, the executor) if there are additional questions about the rules and operating conditions before the use of the product;

• observe the rules, safety measures and peculiarities of the operation of the goods;

• use products solely for their intended use;

• in order to prevent negative consequences for the consumer of the use of the goods - to adhere to the safety methods provided by the manufacturer in the product and the special rules provided for in the operational documentation, and in the absence of such rules in the documentation - adhere to the usual understandable security methods established for such goods.

Keep in mind that you can make demands for exchange or return of goods to both the seller and the manufacturer. If you have this product on sale, your request must be executed immediately. The buyer checks the product quality within 14 days from the date of purchase or is agreed by the parties when drafting the contract. If the goods are not available, your request must be satisfied no later than 2 months after the writing of the application. Otherwise, you have the right to make demands on the return of funds or the replacement of goods with a similar one with the recalculation of the purchase price.

If the cost of a new product is the same brand, model, etc. has changed, then when a defective product is replaced, its price is not recalculated. The cost is recalculated if another brand or model is replaced with a similar product. And with the increase in the cost of a new product, the recalculation is made relative to the price of the goods at the time of exchange, and with a decrease in value - relative to the price at the time of purchase.

The amount of money for a defective product can be compensated on the day of return of the goods, or within the next 7 calendar days, but not later.

Article 9 of the Law refers to the rights of consumers in the event of the purchase of goods of appropriate quality. If for any reason you can not use the quality goods you bought (due to size, model, color or other reasons), you have the right to replace it with a similar product.

But there are some restrictions on the exchange (return) of quality goods.

Restriction No. 1. Exchange (return) a quality product can be, if it was not in use (not used), the packaging has not been broken, retained its presentation, consumer properties, all accessories, seals, labels, stickers, labels, as well as commodity or cash receipt and other documents issued to the buyer when the goods are sold.

Restriction No. 2. There is a list of non-food items that can not be replaced, or returned if they are of high quality. The list consists of 27 items and is exhaustive. With the list of these goods you can find in Appendix 172-94-p to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

The customer's requirements are considered only after the receipt of the goods receipt confirming the purchase, the complete set of the goods, the factory packaging on which the bar code is available, the warranty card (if any), and in the case of purchasing the goods of inadequate quality - if there is an act (with round seal) of the authorized the manufacturer of the Service Center with the fixation of the fact that there is a "significant shortage" of the purchased goods.

Replacement of goods or refunds is possible only if all the conditions and procedures described above and provided by the legislation of Ukraine are observed.

You will be refused replacement of goods or refund of money if:

• more than 14 days have elapsed since the acquisition of a product that does not have significant deficiencies;

• a product that does not have significant deficiencies is not new, that is, it was in use;

• when checking the quality of the goods, signs of outside interference (opening, attempt of repair) or other terms of warranty service are violated;

• there is no document confirming the fact of purchase of the goods, or a warranty card, a complete set of goods or a broken package.