Isao Suzuki Quartet+1 - Blue Road OBI (Days of Delight - DODA002) NEW LTD ( LP )

Artists: Isao Suzuki
Lable: Days of Delight

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Isao Suzuki bass, cello, electric piano

Kenji Mori alto sax, bass clarinet

Kazumi Watanabe guitar

Mamoru Niihari Drums

Osamu Kawakami bass, electric bass

side A.

Blue Road (I.Suzuki) 17:19

side B.

Orang-Utan (I.Suzuki) 19:32

Isao Suzuki Quartet +1 "Blue Road" (recorded in 1975) will be released on June 6th. The month after the recording of the masterpiece "Orangutan", the recording men

It is a record of a valuable gig in “5 Days in Jazz 1975” where the bar was fully prepared.

It was digitized from the leftover 2-inch master tape, and was supervised by Mr. Takeshi Fujii, who presided over <Three Blind Mice>. Mr. Yoshihiko Kannari is in charge of truck down. The TBM sound of half a century ago has been reproduced. It is a valuable record that vividly captures the heat of Japanese jazz in the 70s, which was at its peak. (From new record info)

↓ Our store caption when the CD arrived

An unreleased live recording of Three Blind Mice recorded in the 1970s is now available from Days of Delight. The 2nd edition of this album is an excellent band leader who is a leading modern bass player representing the Japanese jazz world. Isao Suzuki (born in former Tokyo in 1933, died in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in March 2022) recorded the masterpiece "Orangutan" on May 26, 1975, the same member (6 people in full state). A powerful excavation album of treasured sound sources that captured the glowing live stage when they appeared at "5 Days in Jazz 1975" held at the Japan Toshi Center Hall in Tokyo. As with the previous Hino Motohiko edition, Takeshi Fujii, who presided over TBM, was in charge of supervision and production, and Yoshihiko Kannari, who was the main engineer of TBM recording and was also involved in the live recording of this album, mixed / I am in charge of truck down. A bass clad that makes a mysterious roar with heavy bass, an alto that goes back and forth between funky taste and modal aggressive, sharp bop action, and a little anarchy that incorporates rock and contemporary tastes. A guitar that turns into a rampage, a female vocal rich in moisture that reflects the melancholy in a bewitching and elegant way, a flute Kamakiri udon that combines a refreshing feeling and a deep ginjo soul, and a thick bass drive with a strong swell. A heavy jumping offense full of feeling, and a sharp swinging roar of drums with outstanding punch and kick power (in addition to the profound earthy and naive piano playing in the opening song) pushes up, and is unwaveringly groovy while being fueled. It is a fulfilling and dense content that connects the highlights and brightens up the seat. An extremely straight-ahead and bluesy swingy enthusiastic performance that seems to be the orthodoxy of hard bop in the 70's is developed fearlessly. The rich spiritual dynamism, overwhelmingly deep emotionality and richness of the aura continue to emanate from the immersive journey. The energetic ad-lib battle that burns completely majestically shows an extraordinary excitement with a truly vivid spirit, and is exhilaratingly exhilarating. In the forest (as, bcl, fl), the bass club gives off a somewhat strange and dark roar to bring a sense of mystery, and the alto is a down to earth & soulful or mode color that burns intensely. His passionate rapid-fire action onslaught draws you closer to the emotion, while his flute rendition brings you a sense of calmness with his relaxing technique that mixes the freshness of a gentle breeze with a mature blues flavor. Also, while Watanabe (g)'s traditional bop idiom + blues idiom is used as a base tone and starting point, it shifts to a rock style and has a strong modern sense. It turns into a somewhat turbulent mode, and the image of casually holding a bomb in a solid atmosphere is really thrilling and has a good impact. The book (vo) and Suzuki (b), who sprinkles his super-mellow and heavy individuality perfectly at key points, like a mastermind that seems to have grown roots in the earth, make the area more vivid and attractive ◎.

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